Izumi Restaurant

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Lunch Special

Mon. - Fri. 11am - 3pm . Sat. 12noon - 3pm
All Served with Miso Soup or Green Salad

Hibachi Lunch

Include Soup or Salad, Hibachi Vegetable, Fried Rice
Vegetable (Hibachi Lunch) 7.00
Chicken (Hibachi Lunch) 8.00
Shrimp (Hibachi Lunch) 9.00
Salmon (Hibachi Lunch) 9.00
N.Y. Steak (Hibachi Lunch) 9.00
Side Fried Rice (Hibachi Lunch) 3.00

Chinese Food Lunch Special

spicyL1. General Tso's Chicken 6.99
L2. Sweet Sour Chicken 6.99
L3. Almond Boneless Chicken 6.99
L4. Sesame Chicken 6.99
L5. Chicken with Broccoli 6.99
L6. Shrimp with Broccoli 6.99
L7. Steak with Broccoli 6.99

Roll Lunch Special

Avocado Roll Asparagus Roll
Vegetable Roll Salmon Skin Roll
California Roll  Boston Roll
Snow Crab Roll  Crunchy Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll  Chicken Tempura Roll
Tuna Roll(raw) Salmon Roll(raw)
Spicy Tuna Roll(raw)  Spicy Salmon Roll(raw)
Eel Cucumber Roll Philly Roll
Any Two Roll
Rolled with Nori Seaweed (6 Pieces)
Any Three Roll
Rolled with Nori Seaweed (6 Pieces)
Sushi Lunch 9.95
Sashimi Lunch 10.95

Lunch Box

Include 3pcs Shrimp Dumpling, 3pcs Snow Crab Roll, Vegetable, Steamed Rice
L8. Chicken Teriyaki Box 8.50
L9. Shrimp Teriyaki Box 9.50
L10. Vegetable Teriyaki Box 7.50
L11. N.Y. Steak Teriyaki Box 9.50
L12. Salmon Teriyaki Box 9.00
L13. Shrimp Tempura Box 9.00
L14. Chicken Tempura Box 8.50